Gemini Launches Crypto Derivatives Platform Outside US for Investors

25. April 2023 Von admin Aus

• Gemini Ventures is launching a new crypto derivatives platform, allowing investors outside the US to trade Bitcoin perpetual contracts denominated in Gemini Dollars (GUSD).
• The platform will be open to 30 countries and offer leverage of up to 100x.
• Users can convert their USD into GUSD at no extra cost and enjoy a capital-efficient trading experience.

Gemini Ventures Launches Crypto Derivatives Platform

Crypto Exchange Gemini Ventures has announced the launch of a crypto derivatives platform, catering exclusively to investors outside of the United States. Through this new platform, traders will be able to execute long or short positions using spot and derivative products, with BTC/GUSD perpetual contracts being the first on the menu.

Eligibility Criteria

The Gemini Foundation will support 30 countries for its account funding and withdrawals, including Singapore, New Zealand, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Bermuda and South Africa. Unfortunately for US residents, the USA is absent from this list of eligible regions.

Advantages & Leverage

Account holders will have access to maximum leverage of 100x when trading both spot and derivatives products and users are able to convert their USD into GUSD at no extra cost. Furthermore, customers will be charged using the exchange’s stablecoin and enjoy a powerful yet elegant user experience with capital-efficient trading tools.

US Regulatory Climate

Recent developments in US regulations such as the suspension of its Earn program have caused scrutiny on US crypto exchanges such as Gemini itself. This has had an effect on other cryptocurrency exchanges too as more agencies pay close attention to decentralized finance within the nation’s borders.


All in all, with this new cryptocurrency derivatives platform from Gemini Ventures outside North America traders can benefit from maximum leverage of 100x for spot and derivative products through an efficient yet powerful user experience by converting their USD into GUSD without any extra costs incurred.