Jim Myers on Growing Startups, Data & Community: Tips for Crypto Winter

10. Mai 2023 Von admin Aus

• Jim Myers is the CTO and co-founder of Flipside Crypto.
• He developed the core technology that took products from zero to one at companies such as Milestone, Pluralsight and Smarterer.
• Jim talks about growing successful startups, tips and tricks for growing during crypto winter, and why open source data is so important to the future of blockchain.

Jim Myers: CTO & Co-Founder of Flipside Crypto

Jim Myers is the CTO and co-founder of Flipside Crypto. Prior to Flipside, Jim developed the core technology that took products from 0 to 1 at companies such as Mylestone, Pluralsight (IPO), and Smarterer (acquisition). Jim joined Pluralsight in 2014 following the acquisition of Smarterer, a machine learning-based skill assessment company.

Growing Successful Startups

Jim’s introduction to crypto began shortly before the public launch of Ethereum in 2015 when a group he was part of began tinkering with smart contracts. He co-founded Flipside Crypto in 2017 to help empower crypto communities to create and share data-driven insights on the projects they care most about.

Tips & Tricks for Growing During Crypto Winter

Jim’s passion for building extends to the broader startup community as an angel investor to several local startups, including Broadlume (formerly Adhawk) and LinkSquares. Jim attended Gettysburg College, receiving a B.S. in economics. Jim provides tips & tricks for growing during crypto winter in his exclusive interview with cryptonews.com which can be seen below along with other insights into how he approaches growing successful startups.

Open Source Data & The Future Of Blockchain

Why is open access to data so important to the future of blockchain? According to Jim “Web3 = incentive design + human behaviour + software” meaning there needs to be incentives built into these decentralized networks that align people towards achieving common goals while also providing them with access to accurate information sourced from trusted sources through open source data platforms like Flipside Crypto.

How Flipside Has Grown Over Cryptowinter

Flipside has been able to grow over cryptowinter by focusing on creating value for its users through quality content delivered via different channels such as their blog or podcast series which provide actionable insights into different projects within their network as well as industry updates on relevant topics related to blockchain technology or cryptocurrency investing trends among others . They have also leveraged partnerships with industry leaders like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko which has helped them reach more users who are looking for reliable sources of information on digital assets within their portfolios or outside it .